24 Hour 7 Days Monitoring

AM1 Comprehensive Tracking Device

The AM1 is a progressive fleet management solution from Advanced Telematics that allows fleet operators to oversee both vehicle and driver. Inclusion to the extensive standard features, the AM1 also offers value added features such as Route Planning (Using a Garmin GPS navigator), Fuel Level Sensors that allows you to monitor your fuel levels in real time and many more.


  • Real time tracking
  • 3-axis G-sensor for motion sensing and accident alerts
  • Critical speed report
  • Internal backup battery
  • Low Battery warning
  • Speed Graph for accident analysis
  • Driver Behaviour reporting – speeding, harsh braking, excess idle, etc
  • Towing detection
  • Jamming detection

Optional Extras

  • Driver Identification
  • Route Planning
  • Fuel Level Monitoring
  • Rev Sensing
  • Excessive Idling
  • CANbus
  • Speed Limiting
  • Panic button
  • Cold chain monitoring