Engine Management

An effective driver assistance system to prevent engine damage before it occurs.

 It monitors the vehicle's:

  • Engine Block Temperature
  • Oil Pressure
  • Coolant levels 

Main Features:

  • Display panel on dash board.
  • Audio and visual warnings.
  • Two-stage temperature response.
  • Warnings are followed by engine shut down before damage occurs.
  • Engine shut down events are stored in memory, to be recalled afterwards.
  • Digital outputs to external devices, such as fleet management systems.
  • Suitable for high temperature engines.
  • Suitable for high operating temperatures.

Benefits of using the system:

  • Engine damage is effectively prevented.
  • Drivers are assisted to take preventative action.
  • Large repair costs are prevented.
  • Loss of production due to down time is prevented.
  • Vehicle productivity and customer service is improved.
  • Reduced expenses result in increased profit.
  • Low cost installation.

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