Fleet Management


Remote vehicles can be monitored on a regular basis via the receipt of regular reports through the Internet. Users can also receive regular reports and alarms via preferred means, including fax, E-mail and phone/cell phone. This will provide both the distributor and customer with real time positional data and vital information on their fleet as well as text or voice (GSM Only) communication with the driver anywhere in South Africa, Africa or Australia.

Information available to the user includes current and historical data in chart and graph form, speed, temperature and location displaying co-ordinates (Latitude/Longitude) of the vehicle. The system can also be interfaced to in-vehicle systems to allow the remote user to become aware of incorrect operation of the vehicle or impending failures.

Users are able to view information and operate the system from the office via an Internet connected computer connected to the Skygistics System and are also alerted to unscheduled events, receiving alarms for events including sudden temperature changes, travelling outside of specified boundaries (geofencing) and driver emergency (panic button).

Sky-Q Software

Locally developed in-house software solution that is device agnostic.
Sky Q is a state of the art management application designed to enable users to have full visibility and control on a variety of assets across multiple hardware platforms and industry applications.

 Key Features:

  • Customizable asset - view multiple assets on one screen
  • Latest Geospatial Data including Google street view and Google Earth Integration
  • Auto Registration of Units
  • Advanced Route Zoning
  • Advanced Geofence Features, including zone-in zone management

API Interface:
Current supported calls:

  • Login
  • GetUnitList
  • GetHistory
  • GetPlaces
  • AddPlace
  • AddPlaceWithParameters
  • DeletePlace
  • UpdatePlace
  • GetReplayDataCount
  • GetReplayData
  • UpdatePlaceWithParameters
  • GetGeofences
  • AddGeofenceWithParameters
  • AddGeofence
  • DeleteGeofence
  • UpdateGeofence
  • UpdateGeofenceWithParameters
  • AssignGeofence
  • DeAssignGeofence
  • Client selectable vehicle settings
  • Bi-directional messaging
  • Client selectable diary notifications
  • Comprehensive report module
  • Driver and vehicle behaviour reporting
  • Driver and vehicle utilization reporting
  • CANBus Reporting
  • Automated reports
  • Productivity management and reporting
  • Marine, asset and SCADA management

Current events forming part of API data feed:

  • Panic
  • Starting
  • Moving
  • XIdle
  • Stopped
  • IgnitionOff
  • IgnitionOn
  • Heartbeat
  • Overspeed
  • HarshBrake
  • HarshAccel
  • TripStarted
  • TripEnded
  • InGeofence
  • OutGeofence
  • EnteredGeofence
  • LeftGeofence
  • OnRoute
  • OffRoute